Some books by friends

I want to give a quick plug on here to some work by my good friends and colleagues at various institutions who have supported me in various ways; there’s been a bit of a rush this last two months of books or edited collections out or forthcoming. I thought I’d give a quick shout out to them as they deserve your support and all bring invaluable contributions to new developments in the social science and humanities. In no particular order:

Marie Thompson- Beyond Unwanted Sound Bloomsbury

Marie is a music and cultural theorist, and works through theories of affect and its relationship to how we think about noise to create new and relevant critiques.  She was on Radio 4 recently and you can listen to her chat about noise here. Worth reading if you’re at all interested in affect.

Deidre Duffy- Evaluation and Governing in the 21st Century Palgrave

By one of the hardest-working social scientists I have ever met, I’m sure this is going to be a very timely look at youth service and the role of evaluation mechanisms in neoliberal governance.

Alex Vasudevan – The Autonomous City Verso

Forthcoming, but looking likely to be the definitive overview of political squatting in the ‘global north’ for the foreseeable future. Alex’s previous book Metropolitan Preoccupations is detailed and rich.

David M. Bell Rethinking Utopia: Place, Power, Affect Routledge

Utopian Studies can appear to outsiders as a somewhat sleepy backwater full of science fiction nerds and intellectual hobbyists, but the quality of publications tends to show otherwise. Dave is a very good communicator and brings a vital energy to the idea of utopia that challenges many assumptions of the concept.

Cemal Burak Tansel (ed.) States of Discipline Rowman and Littlefield

I’ve not had the chance to read through this yet but the impressive list of endorsements speaks for itself. Likely to be very relevant to anyone interested in coercion and disciplinary power under capitalism.

Vasudevan, Arrigoitia, Brickell (eds) Geographies of Forced Eviction Palgrave

I’ve got a chapter in this, so I’m biased, but this is a long-overdue collection of work bringing together world-leading research on forced eviction. If you have any interest in the global housing crisis or the politics of evictions you need to read it.


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