Fare-dodging in Paris: Luc Moullet- Barres

Funny little short film about fare dodging in Paris with a touch of magical realism, a testament to human ingenuity and imagination used to get out of paying those couple of Francs. They’ve introduced barriers on the Metro in Newcastle in the last year and its been interesting watching the different ways people dodge and avoid fares (including the infamous Checkywatch– some of whose suggestions are similar to those in Moullet’s film); there’s a been a lot of high-profile cases like that of a hedge-fund manager who dodged £42k in fares, and rightly so, but very little about everyday ways people get by paying their 2/3 pounds for the trip, and why they do so. Figures in the UK now suggest that some people end up spending the first hour of their day working to pay off the trip to work, so there’s a lot of motivation to jump the barrier, and in Sweden groups like planka.nu have been active in promoting fare dodging and supporting people who are taken to court. I don’t think anyone has written a history of transport fares and fare dodging globally and how they’ve reshaped cities, technology and laws, but I’d love to read it.


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